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Accounts are free to create allowing you to send up to 100Mb of e-mails in up to 10 messages for free. Pricing beyond that is pay-as-you go making it more affordable than a subscription-based mail marketing application.

What is 1Gb of e-mail?

The size of the e-mail is calculated by the size of the message and the size of its attachment.

1Gb is approx:

  • 1Mb attachment to 650 recipients
  • 500-word formatted text e-mail to 25,000 recipients
  • 10Mb attachment to 65 recipients

How much does it cost?

$3.00 or £2.00 for 500Mb

$5.00 or £3.30 for each additional 1Gb

Any unused data quota will expire after 90 days if no top-up is made.

All prices exclude VAT, which will be charged at 20% where applicable.

If you are a heavy user please contact us to discuss pricing. We offer special pricing for registered charities and non-profits on request.

Click Sign Up to create your e-meld account. Once you have registered you will be able to access the application and top up your account.