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Data upload Personalise messages Choice of sending methods Attachments per recipient or global Almost unlimited messages Familiar web interface Choice of SMTP server to use See status of message queue Compose in HTML or plain text Affordable pay-as-you-go pricing
Merge from any data set
Data can be uploaded from any set of any size – there is no need to maintain a standard mailing list. e-meld will personalise your message to get the right information to the right recipient.
Save time in personalising messages
Make sure that your e-mails, whether for marketing, invoicing or general mailings have the recipient’s personal details inserted automatically – saving you time and making your life easier.
Merge from any e-mail address (including Gmail)
e-mails can be sent from any e-mail address with bounced e-mails returned to your pre-selected address. e-meld’s own servers can be used, or for the more advanced user, emails can be delivered through your own server.
Send individual attachment to each recipient
If you have attachments which are unique to each recipient each e-mail and corresponding attachment can be personalised. There is no limit on attachment size.
Send an unlimited number of messages
From two messages to several thousand, e-meld takes care of your merge whilst ensuring that each of your messages is personalised.
Web-based application with a familiar interface
e-meld is entirely web-based meaning that you can log in from any computer with internet access. Its familiar interface will intuitively lead you through your merge.
Send through your own servers
By default e-meld sends through our servers – this needs no set up on your part. However, advanced users may wish to set e-meld to use their own SMTP and IMAP servers.
See pending and sent items
Log in to see messages that have previously been sent and those which are pending for up to three months.
Compose HTML and/or plain text e-mails
Compose e-mails in plain text or HTML, with plain text generated automatically.
Affordable, pay-as-you go pricing
You only pay for what you use. There is no subscription charge and with top-ups starting at $3 it can be used for the smallest to the largest merge or marketing campaign.